Spiked Apple Cider Tea

Spiked Apple Cider

Rooibos tea


30 Sachets

Everyone knows that Apple Cider freakin’ rules. The only thing that’s not so great about it - and this is the only thing - is that it kind of has a lot of calories. This is your no-cal replacement, with a hint of rum to keep things fresh.

Almost is a brand new tea company collaborating with the nation’s greatest dessert makers to make NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN teas. Our first partnership is with Brownie Points from Columbus, Ohio. Brownie Point was started in an apartment kitchen by two sisters-in-law dedicated to making the world’s best brownie. Almost was started by a sweet-toothed young mother who wanted to have her brownie and drink it too.

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Rooibos, natural flavor.

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I’m obsessed with cider, but none of the instant cider packets taste anything like the real thing, so it’s mostly a holiday treat for me. BUT THIS tastes just like real cider in all the best ways!

Tawney, Moreno Valley, CA

This is the first flavor I tried and it tastes exactly like apple cider, especially when you add sugar. It’s the perfect Fall drink and a delicious way to warm up and unwind. Very impressed! 🙂

Rachel, Stacy, MN
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