Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz Tea
Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz Tea
Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz Tea with Mug

Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz

Pu’erh tea


30 Sachets

Can tea taste like butter? Wait, a better question: should tea taste like butter? Somehow it really, really works in this complex yet nuanced tea. Perfect for an extra jolt of caffeine in the morning or right after lunch.

Almost is a brand new tea company collaborating with the nation’s greatest dessert makers to make NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN teas. Our first partnership is with Brownie Points from Columbus, Ohio. Brownie Point was started in an apartment kitchen by two sisters-in-law dedicated to making the world’s best brownie. Almost was started by a sweet-toothed young mother who wanted to have her brownie and drink it too.

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Pu\'erh tea, natural & artificial flavors.

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I really enjoyed this cup of tea with a splash of milk. It provided a nice, yet mild flavor and smelled delicious.

EllenEllen, Stamford, CT

Incredible, it’s hard to describe but yes, buttery in almost a caramelly way? I don’t know, the point is that it’s just very good 👍

Tawney, Moreno Valley, CA

This is the most delicious tea I’ve ever had! I am officially hooked and I hope that you never stop making this flavor! I have really enjoyed all of the flavors but this one is by far my favorite ❤️

Tenisha, Leavenworth, KS
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